How to set-up BankID

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Today I had the pleasure of providing IT support for my father,

Well, let me describe the process to you.

Click login.

Click BankID.

Authentication failure, please download BankID.  

Download BankID.

Click login.

Authentication failure, please download BankID.  

realisation that they're talking about their BankID certificate

Click fetch BankID.

Please input your SS no and the 4 digit pincode.  

...What pincode?

Click no pincode.

A letter with a pin will be mailed to you in 6-8 weeks.

6-8 weeks later (today).

Click fetch BankID.

Input SS and pincode.

Please select method of delivery for one-off authentication code, 
SMS (instant) or 
Post (another 6-8 weeks)

Select SMS.

Authentication failure:
You have no cellphone registred with us, 
call support at -phonenumber-.

Call support.

To authenticate your number, please change your pin.

Change pin, fail, repeat, fail, repeat, fail, call support again, talk to human, bicker for half an hour, change pin, hangup.

Back to website.

Click fetch BankID.

Input SS and new pin.

Select SMS

After a few failed attempts and one lunch, get authentication code, approve terms of service and download certificate.

BankID program pops up and asks to provide PIN for certificate.
Try a number of variations.

Failure ref 10025.

Google ref 10025, find blog post consisting of mostly cursing about BankID and ref 10025, find specification for pin in comment to post (12-30 characters, at least 4 letters, at least one number).

Go through the fetching process again because the old one timed out by the time you found out how to do it.

Certificate downloaded, stored and password protected, ready to go.

Click login.

Enter the complex PIN for the certificate.

Select letter or SMS for one more authentication code.

Get code via SMS, click login.


...I need a drink.

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