Presenting: Augustus.

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I figured it was time for me to get with the times and start one of them blog things that is so popular among the kids these days. And what better way to start a blog, than to write yet another blog engine?

I present to you, the worlds first blog powered by Augustus, a static page generator (that totally isn't a rip-off of jekyll) written in php 5.4.

So far it doesn't do much, and some features are somewhat broken. The few things that are done however are:

  • The testing server accessible via gusto run, courtesy of php 5.4.

  • The creation of new posts and pages.

  • Automatic indexing of tags and categories.

Some of the things that will be working, when I get some more time to work on the engine are:

  • Archive indexing.

  • Improved post management.

Regarding the name

I am a huge fan of animation. And Augustus, or Gusto, is the name of the character played by Rob Paulsen in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Augustus "Gusto" Gummi. And that is a character that I still to this day think is a badass.

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